The Latin Queen of Comedy

Media and Press Releases

The New York Times “By Felicia R. Lee”

“The runner-up to Ms. Nicholas, Lisa Alvarado honed her skills in comedy clubs in both Chicago and Los Angeles, mostly talking about being Peruvian and single. \”It was a great learning experience,\” Ms. Alvarado, a 34-year-old hairdresser who lives in Los Angeles with her 14-year-old son, said of the competition.  \”And I’m not even the typical Latina,\” she says in her routine. \”I’m not, because I got pregnant in my late teens. There was so much pressure in my house, you guys. My Mom’s always like, ‘Hurry up, your little brother’s already a grandfather.’ \”  Like Ms. Alvarado, who jokes about people searching for Peruvia on the map, Ms. Nicholas cheerfully says that no one ever understood her culture.”

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