Mis Videos Locos with Paul Rodriguez and Lisa Alvarado

September 16th, 2010 by admin

Thursday nights on MTV Tr3s
Paul Rodriguez and featuring Lisa Alvarado
Plot Outline:
Today, cameras are everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Consumer cameras. Surveillance cams. Computer cams. Cellphone cams. Traffic cams. Dashboard cams. You name it! And with more and more cameras out there, more and more outrageous human behavior is being captured.

Welcome to the world of… Mis Videos Locos!

Created by veteran TV producers Bobby Logan and Danny Wolf (FOX’s ‘Busted on the Job 1-5’ / SHOWTIME’s ‘Family Business’ / E’s ‘The Chelsea Handler Show’/ ABC’s ‘World’s Most Daring Rescues’ / TBS’s ‘Minding the Store’) and hosted by legendary Latino comedian, Paul Rodriguez, Mis Videos Locos features never-before-seen footage of people from around the world caught on tape engaging in the weirdest, wildest and often the stupidest behavior imaginable! It’s a fast-paced mixture of cooler-talk video clips, and hip, hysterical commentary by the sharp-tongued Mr. Rodriguez, as he is egged on by the off-screen laughter of the stage crew. And our audience will often be caught off-guard with the lunacy that’s coming around every corner, as they are pummeled with one incredibly bizarre clip after another!

It’s outrageous videos! It’s a renowned comic host! It’s a new ‘reality’ for Spanish television! And there’s only one place to find this killer combination… Mis Videos Locos!

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